Tuesday, November 30, 2010


iPhone.... with your lower case i. 
You beep a beep of joy
in my heart i feel it is a coupon code
junk mail?  no way.

If you are a fellow Etsy seller... QUICK!!! Run to zazzle.com!!  There is a 75% off sale on shipping labels, return address labels, and notecards!!  I just saves almost $400 on custom labels and thank you cards!  I = hoarder.



Coupon code is: JINGLESALE46


My shop just hit 100 sales!

That's all.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday ... Continued!

For Cyber Monday, La Plume Ethere is offering:

-15% off (bcome a facebook fan at http://www.facebook.com/laplumeethere for the code)
-20 cent gift wrapping (yes... 20 cents is seemingly random... but not totally random if you know that Etsy charges 20 cents to list something...like listing gift wrapping...)
-Free feather hair pins with purchase of 3 items or more

Cyber Monday

As if Etsy isn't tempting enough to your dwindling paypal account...there are SO many freaking deals on Cyber Monday!  As if Etsy could get any more exciting...

Well, Etsy you've proven yourself once again.  Run away with me, Etsy?  We can live in secret love together... or... I can just look through your awesome cyber monday deals.

Here are a few deals from some Etsy sellers!  Be sure to check out their shops:

A few of my favorites...

Mistle and Toe
10% off of jewelry, 10% off of all repurposed art

Retro gifts 20% off

Paper Majik
20% off

Mouse Pants
20% off coupon code turkey

Other wonderufl shops with great deals:

JME Beads
20% off
Natties Place
 15% off


Alyssa Traub Art
10% off and a free photograph with purchase

Sporkful Designs
 10% off any order before Dec. 31st by entering the code: XMAS2010

Haru Creations
20% off

An Kali Designs
10% off my entire store (code cybermonday 2010)
plus FREE shipping if you become a fan on Facebook

Gillian Beads
50% off

Lins Things
Free Shipping

My Cariads
10% off

13 Plum Knitted Creations
30% off

Holiday Ornaments
10-20% off

Penny Bennett Totes
Discounted tote bags

Cotton Field Farm
10% off

BM Supplies
10% off

Karens Jewelry Corner
Free Shipping

Jewelry Kaleidoscope
20% off

Dorset Hill Beads
10% off

Kneat Knit Creations
10% off and Free Shipping

Craft Little Kitten
Free Shipping

Gibson Wire Creations
20% off

Hollywoof Styles
20% off and Free Shipping

The Sneaky Coon
15% off coupon code CYBER10

La Alicia
Sale Section

Charit's Inspirational Creations
35% off

The Sacred Muse
Buy one get one free

Chestnut Chaology
10% off and free gift

What Bows Around
40% off and free shipping

Front Page Again??

I have recently discovered craftcult.com... and have also discovered a recent vain obsession with searching for my shop name on it.  That, and socialmention.com....awesome websites for the etsy shop owner. 

Just saw that my shoes were on the front page at 7am this morning...again!  So excited.  Etsy.... i love you so hard.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

La Plume Ethere on the ETSY FRONT PAGE!

SO excited to see that my shoes made an appearance on Etsy's front page.  Also excited that they were up on Thanksgiving day...somthing extra to be thankful for besides the deliciousness of turkey...potatoes...stuffing...and pie.  Though those are pretty great, too.

New to the Etsy Shop!


I sold out of this style within two weeks.....but a good amount of digging through my stock led me to two remaining pairs...they thought they could hide...

Added today is the same style as above, but in a berry color and with peacock eyes...

The last of the peacock trinity to be listed today...

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